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What is Corporate 1st Impression?

We are the welcoming wagon for new businesses in your area. We are the experts in delivering a gift basket of quality promotional items and gifts supplied by our sponsors directly to the new business decision maker. We are a tradeshow in a box!

Our business to business marketing solutions answers your questions:

  • How do I market to businesses?
  • How do I market to new companies?
  • How can I find new businesses?cbbb-badge-horz
  • How do I find new companies?
  • How do I do B2B marketing?

Corporate 1st Impression Steps

Did you Receive My Gift?

A non-threatening question that immediately disarms the person that answers the phone, giving you the opportunity to meet the new potential client from a friendly neighbor angle. Allowing you to introduce yourself, and ask if you can help them in any way. How does that compare to traditional cold calling?

Top Reasons to Use Gift Baskets


Giver’s Gain

Businesses tend to be more receptive when you are willing to give first.


Find New Clients

Ever wished new businesses in the area could call you?


Targeted by county, you can find the new businesses in your area.


Real Contact Names

This isn't an outdated list of recycled contacts already mulled over, they're real people.

Your Name Stays

By leaving them with a promotinal gift, your name stays on their desk, or in their pocket.



Build relationships that last by demonstrating you care for the local businesses.